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    Xueyun Gao

       Xueyun Gao, Professor, PhD
       Key Lab for Biomedical Effects of Nanomaterials and Nanosafety
       Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)

       Tel/Fax:86-10-88236709 /86-10-88236456




    Dr. Xueyun Gao earned his Ph.D. in Institute of solid physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003. He engaged in the postdoctoral research in University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign and City University of New York between 2004 and 2007. He returned home as a member of the "Hundred-Talent Program " and held faculty appointments at the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in May 2007.

    Research Interests
    (1) The biological effects of selenium nanoparticles, including bioavailability、acute toxicity and subchronic toxicity of selenium particles, the relationship between selenium particles and selenoenzyme activity and animal non-specific immunity, the inhibitory effect of selenium particles on animal tumors, and the basic physical and chemical properties of selenium particles.
    (2) Self-organization of peptides and their applications in nanotechnology, including biological detection, microreactor and electronic devices.
    (3) At present, we are mainly engaged in the construction of nanoparticles with special optical/magnetic properties; using biological and chemical technology to give nanoparticles specific localization/stress function; observing in situ the occurrence of events of interest in organisms through fluorescence, nuclear magnetic resonance, Raman and other instruments; trying to establish some new biological detection techniques and methods.

    Recent Publications
    1. Jiao Zhai,Yanwei Jia, Lina Zhao,Qing Yuan, Fuping Gao, Xiangchun Zhang,Pengju Cai, Liang Gao, Juanjuan Guo, Shuhong Yi, Zhifang Chai, Yuliang Zhao, and Xueyun Gao. Turning On/Off the Anti-Tumor Effect of the Au Cluster via Atomically Controlling Its Molecular Size [J]. Acs Nano, 12(5),2018.

    2. Xiangchun Zhang, Ru Liu, Qingming Shu, Qing Yuan, Gengmei Xing, Xueyun Gao. Quantitative Analysis of Multiple Proteins of Different Invasive Tumor Cell lines at the same Single Cell Level. [J]. Small, 14(17):170368,4,2018.

    3. Chao Xu, Yaling Wang, Chunyu Zhang, Yanwei Jia, Yunjing Luo and Xueyun Gao. AuGd integrated nanoprobes for optical/MRI/CT triple-modal in vivo tumor imaging. Nanoscale, 9, 4620–4628,2017.

    4. Jiao Zhai, Lina Zhao, Lingna Zheng, Fuping Gao, Liang Gao, Ru Liu, Yaling Wang and Xueyun Gao. Peptide?Au Cluster Probe: Precisely Detecting Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor of Three Tumor Cell Lines at a Single-Cell Level. ACS Omega,2, 276?282,2017.

    5. Qiong Li, Qing Yuan, Mohan Zhao, Yawen Yao, Liang Gao, Ru Liu, Yaling Wang, Yong Gong, Fuping Gao, Xueyun Gao. Au nanoclusters suppress chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells by inhibiting thioredoxin reductase 1 to induce intracellular oxidative stress and apoptosis. Science Bulletin, 62, 537–545,2017.

    6. Deyi An, Jiguo Su, Jeffrey K. Weber, Xueyun Gao, Ruhong Zhou, Jingyuan Li. A Peptide-Coated Gold Nanocluster Exhibits Unique Behavior in Protein Activity Inhibition. JACS, 137, 8412?8418,2015.

    7. Fuping Gao, Pengju Cai, Wenjiang Yang, Jingquan Xue, Liang Gao, Ru Liu, Yaling Wang, Yawei Zhao, Xiao He, Lina Zhao, Guodong Huang, Fasheng Wu, Yuliang Zhao, Zhifang Chai and Xueyun Gao. Ultrasmall [64Cu]Cu Nanoclusters for Targeting Orthotopic Lung Tumors Using Accurate Positron Emission Tomography Imaging. ACS Nnao. 9, 4976-4986,2015.

    8. Wei Li, Ru Liu, Yaling Wang, Yuliang Zhao, Xueyun Gao. Temporal Techniques: Dynamic Tracking of Nanomaterials in Live Cells. Small. 9, 1585-1594,2013.

    9. Yaling Wang, Yanyan Cui, Yuliang Zhao, Ru Liu, Zhipeng Sun, Wei Li, Xueyun Gao. Bifunctional peptides that precisely biomineralize Au clusters and specifically stain cell nuclei. Chemical Communications. 48, 871-873,2012.

    10. Taisen Zuo, Zhipeng Sun, Yuliang Zhao, Xiaoming Jiang and Xueyun GaoThe Big Red Shift of Photoluminescence of Mn Dopants in Strained CdS: A Case Study of Mn-Doped MnS?CdS HeteronanostructuresJACS, 132, 6618-6619, 2010.

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