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    2008 papers

    1.   Zhao, Y. L.; Xing, G. M.; Chai, Z. F., Nanotoxicology: Are Carbon Nanotubes Safe? Nature Nanotechnology 2008, 3, 191-192.

    2.   Zhou, Y.; Wang, S. X.; Zhang, K.; Jiang, X. Y., Visual detection of copper(II) by azide- and alkyne-functionalized gold nanoparticles using click chemistry. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2008, 47 (39), 7454-7456.

    3.   Gao, X. Y.; Xing, G. M.; Chu, W. G.; Liang, X. J.; Zhao, Y. L.; Jing, L.; Yuan, H.; Cui, Y. Y.; Dong, J. Q., The Growth of Complex Nanostructures: Synergism of Dipolar Force and Stacking-Defects in Anisotropic Self-Assembly. Advanced Materials 2008, 20 (9), 1794-1798.

    4.   Gao, X.; Xing, G. M.; Yang, Y. L.; Shi, X. L.; Liu, R.; Chu, W. G.; Jing, L.; Zhao, F.; Ye, C.; Yuan, H.; Fang, X. H.; Wang, C.; Zhao, Y. L., Detection of Trace Hg2+ via Induced Circular Dichroism of DNA Wrapped Around Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Journal of The American Chemical Society 2008, 130, 9190-9191.

    5.   Sun, K.; Wang, Z. X.; Jiang, X. Y., Modular microfluidics for gradient generation. Lab on a Chip 2008, 8 (9), 1536-1543.

    6.   Wang, J.; Deng, X. Y.; Yang, S. T.; Wang, H. F.; Zhao, Y. L.; Liu, Y. F., Rapid translocation and pharmacokinetics of hydroxylated single-walled carbon nanotubes in mice. Nanotoxicology 2008, 3 (1), 1-5.

    7.   Ge, C. C.; Lao, F.; Li, W.; Li, Y. F.; Chen, C. Y.; Mao, X. Y.; Li, B.; Chai, Z. F.; Zhao, Y. L., Quantitative Analysis of Metal Impurities in Carbon Nanotubes: Efficacy of Different Pretreatment Protocols for ICPMS Spectroscopy. Analytical Chemistry 2008, 80 (24), 9426-9434.

    8.   He, X.; Zhang, Z. Y.; Zhang, H. F.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F., Neurotoxicological evaluation of long-term lanthanum chloride exposure in rats. Toxicological Sciences 2008, 103 (2), 354-361.

    9.   Yin, J. J.; Lao, F.; Fu, P. P.; Wamer, W. G.; Zhao, Y. L.; Xing, G. M.; Gao, X. Y.; Sun, B. Y.; Li, X. Y.; Wang, P. C.; Chen, C. Y.; Liang, X. J., Inhibition of Tumor Growth by Endohedral Metallofullerenol Nanoparticles Optimized as Reactive Oxygen Species Scavenger. Molecular Pharmacology 2008, 74 (4), 1132-1140.

    10. Sun, B. Y.; Ren, T. X.; Miao, X. P.; Dai, F. C.; Jin, L.; Yuan, H.; Xing, G. M.; Li, M. X.; Jin Quan Dong; Chang, F.; Hu, J. B.; Chen, H.; Zhao, F.; Gao, X. Y.; Zhao, Y. L., Isomeric and structural impacts on electron acceptability of carbon cages in atom-bridged fullerene dimers. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2008, 112 (3), 741-746.

    11. Gao, X. F.; Zhou, Z.; Zhao, Y. L.; Nagase, S.; Zhang, S. B.; Chen, Z. F., Comparative Study of Carbon and BN Nanographenes: Ground Electronic States and Energy Gap Engineering. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2008, 112 (33), 12677-12682.

    12. Chen, Z.; Meng, H.; Xing, G. M.; Yuan, H.; Zhao, F.; Liu, R.; Chang, X. L.; Gao, X. Y.; Wang, T. C.; Jia, G.; Ye, C.; Chai, Z. F.; Zhao, Y. L., Age-related differences in pulmonary and cardiovascular responses to SiO2 nanoparticle inhalation: Nanotoxicity shows susceptible population. Environmental Science & Technology 2008, 42 (23), 8985-8992.

    13. Liang, X. J.; Chen, C. Y.; Zhao, Y. L.; Jia, L.; Wang, P. C., Biopharmaceutics and Therapeutic Potential of Engineered Nanomaterials. Current Drug Metabolism 2008, 9, 697-709.

    14. Wang, J. X.; Chen, C. Y.; Liu, Y.; Jiao, F.; Li, W.; Lao, F.; Li, Y. F.; Li, B.; Ge, C. C.; Zhou, G. Q.; Gao, Y.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F., Potential neurological lesion after nasal instillation of TiO2 nanoparticles in the anatase and rutile crystal phases. Toxicology Letters 2008, 183 (1-3), 72-80.

    15. Xing, G. M.; Yuan, H.; He, R.; Gao, X. Y.; Jing, L.; Zhao, F.; Chai, Z. F.; Zhao, Y. L., The Strong MRI Relaxivity of Paramagnetic Nanoparticles. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2008, 112 (20), 6288-6291.

    16. Wang, M.; Feng, W. Y.; Wang, H. J.; Zhang, Y.; Li, J.; Li, B.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F., Analysis of mercury-containing protein fractions in brain cytosol of the maternal and infant rats after exposure to a low-dose of methylmercury by SEC coupled to isotope dilution ICP-MS. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 2008, 23, 1112-1116.

    17. Gao, Y. X.; Liu, N. Q.; Chen, C. Y.; Luo, Y. F.; Li, Y. F.; Zhang, Z. Y.; Zhao, Y. L.; Iida, A.; Chai, Z. F., Mapping technique for biodistribution of elements in a model organism, Caenorhabditis elegans, after exposure to copper nanoparticles with microbeam synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 2008, 23, 1121 - 1124

    18. Chen, Z.; Chen, H.; Meng, H.; Xing, G. M.; Gao, X. Y.; Sun, B. Y.; Shi, X. L.; Yuan, H.; Zhang, C. C.; Liu, R.; Zhao, F.; Zhao, Y. L.; Fang, X. H., Bio-distribution and metabolic paths of silica coated CdSeS quantum dots. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 2008, 230 (3), 364-371.

    19. Li, Y. F.; Chen, C. Y.; Li, B.; Li, W.; Qu, L.; Dong, Z. Q.; Nomura, M.; Gao, Y. X.; Zhao, J. X.; Hu, W.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F., Mercury in human hair and blood samples from people living in Wanshan mercury mine area, Guizhou, China: An XAS study. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 2008, 102 (3), 500-506.

    20. Zhu, M. T.; Feng, W. Y.; Wang, B.; Wang, T. C.; Gu, Y. Q.; Wang, M.; Wang, Y.; Ouyang, H.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F., Comparative study of pulmonary responses to nano- and submicron-sized ferric oxide in rats. Toxicology 2008, 247 (2-3), 102-111.

    21. Wang, J.; Liu, Y.; Jiao, F.; Lao, F.; Li, W.; Gu, Y.; Li, Y.; Ge, C.; Zhou, G.; Li, B.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F.; Chen, C. Y., Time-dependent translocation and potential impairment on central nervous system by intranasally instilled TiO2 nanoparticles. Toxicology 2008, 254 (1-2), 82-90.

    22. Li, Y. F.; Chen, C. Y.; Li, B.; Wang, J. X.; Gao, Y.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F., Scalp hair as a biomarker in environmental and occupational mercury exposed populations: Suitable or not? Environmental Research 2008, 107 (1), 39-44.

    23. Li, W.; Chen, C. Y.; Ye, C.; Wei, T. T.; Zhao, Y. L.; Lao, F.; Chen, Z.; Meng, H.; Gao, Y.; Yuan, H.; Xing, G. M.; Zhao, F.; Chai, Z. F.; Zhang, X. J.; Yang, F. Y.; Han, D.; Tang, X. H.; Zhang, Y. G., The translocation of Fullerenic nanoparticles into Iysosome via the pathway of clathrin-mediated endocytosis. Nanotechnology 2008, 19, 145102(12pp).

    24. Wang, B.; Feng, W. Y.; Wang, M.; Wang, T. C.; Gu, Y. Q.; Zhu, M. T.; Ouyang, H.; Shi, J. W.; Zhang, F.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F.; Wang, H. F.; Wang, J., Acute toxicological impact of nano- and submicro-scaled zinc oxide powder on healthy adult mice. Journal of Nanoparticle Research 2008, 10, 263-276.

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    26. Li, Z.; Zhang, Z. Y.; Jiang, W. J.; Yu, M.; Zhou, Y. L.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F., Direct measurement of lanthanum uptake and distribution in internodal cells of Chara. Plant Science 2008, 174 (5), 496-501.

    27. Zhao, F.; Zhao, Y. L.; Wang, C., Activities related to health, environmental and societal aspects of nanotechnology in China. Journal of Cleaner Production 2008, 16 (8-9), 1000-1002.

    28. Li, L.; Wu, G.; Sun, J.; Li, B.; Li, Y. F.; Chen, C. Y.; Chai, Z. F.; Iida, A.; Gao, Y. X., Detection of Mercury-, Arsenic-, and Selenium-Containing Proteins in Fish Liver from A Mercury Polluted Area of Guizhou Province, China. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Part A 2008, 71 (18), 1266-1269.

    29. Ding, Y.; Zhang, Z. Y.; Liu, J. C.; Wang, Z. M.; Zhou, P. J.; Zhao, Y. L., A new gadolinium-loaded liquid scintillator for reactor neutrino detection. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 2008, 584 (1), 238-243.

    30. Wu, Y.; Che, F. B.; Chen, J. H., Synthesis and Characterization of a Amphiphilic Pluronic-Poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) Copolymer and Their Nanoparticles as Protein Delivery Systems. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2008, 110 (2), 1118-1128.

    31. Wang, B.; Wang, Y.; Feng, W. Y.; Zhu, M. T.; Wang, M.; Yang, H. O.; Wang, H. J.; Li, M.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F., Trace metal disturbance in mice brain after intranasal exposure of nano- and submicron-sized Fe2O3 particles. Chem. Anal. (Warsaw) 2008, 53, 927-942.

    32. Zhou, G. Q.; Chen, C. Y.; Li, Y. F.; Li, W.; Gao, Y. X.; Zhao, Y. L., Recent progress on the pro and cons of biological effects of nanomaterials. Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics 2008, 35 (9), 998-1006.

    33. Zhang, T.; Gao, Y. X.; Li, B.; Li, Y. F.; Chen, C. Y.; Wu, G., Study of Selenium Speciation in Selenized Rice Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer. Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry 2008, 36 (2), 206-210.

    34. Wang, M.; Feng, W. Y.; Lu, W. W.; Li, B.; Wang, B.; Zhu, M. T.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F., Indirect determination of protein content by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry. Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry 2008, 36 (3), 321-324.

    35. Wang, J. X.; Chen, C. Y.; Li, Y. F.; Li, W.; Zhao, Y. L., Biological effect of intranasally instilled titanium dioxide nanoparticles on female mice. NANO: Brief Reports and Reviews 2008, 3 (4), 279–285.

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