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    2006 Papers

    1.   Tang, J.; Xing, G. M.; Zhao, Y. L.; Jing, L.; Gao, X. F.; Cheng, Y.; Yuan, H.; Zhao, F.; Chen, Z.; Meng, H.; Zhang, H.; Qian, H. J.; Su, R.; Ibrahim, K., Periodical variation of electronic properties in polyhydroxylated metallofullerene materials. Advanced Materials 2006, 18 (11), 1458-1462.

    2.   Chen, C.; Yu, H.; Zhao, J.; Li, B.; Qu, L.; Liu, S.; Zhang, P.; Chai, Z., The roles of serum selenium and selenoproteins on mercury toxicity in environmental and occupational exposure. Environmental health perspectives 2006, 114 (2), 297.

    3.   Wang, J. X.; Chen, C. Y.; Li, B.; Yu, H. W.; Zhao, Y. L.; Sun, J.; Li, Y. F.; Xing, G. M.; Yuan, H.; Tang, J.; Chen, Z.; Meng, H.; Gao, Y. X.; Ye, C.; Chai, Z. F.; Zhu, C. F.; Ma, B. C.; Fang, X. H.; Wan, L. J., Antioxidative function and biodistribution of [Gd@C82(OH)22]n nanoparticles in tumor-bearing mice. Biochem. Pharmacol. 2006, 71 (6), 872-881.

    4.   Wang, B.; Feng, W. Y.; Wang, T. C.; Jia, G.; Wang, M.; Shi, J. W.; Zhang, F.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F., Acute toxicity of nano- and micro-scale zinc powder in healthy adult mice. Toxicology Letters 2006, 161 (2), 115-123.

    5.   Feng, L. X.; Xiao, H. Q.; He, X.; Li, Z. J.; Li, F. L.; Liu, N. Q.; Zhao, Y. L.; Huang, Y. Y.; Zhang, Z. Y.; Chai, Z. F., Neurotoxicological consequence of long-term exposure to lanthanum. Toxicology Letters 2006, 165 (2), 112-120.

    6.   Chen, Z.; Meng, H.; Xing, G. M.; Chen, C. Y.; Zhao, Y. L.; Jia, G. A.; Wang, T. C.; Yuan, H.; Ye, C.; Zhao, F.; Chai, Z. F.; Zhu, C. F.; Fang, X. H.; Ma, B. C.; Wan, L. J., Acute toxicological effects of copper nanoparticles in vivo. Toxicology Letters 2006, 163 (2), 109-120.

    7.   Li, Y. F.; Chen, C. Y.; Li, B.; Sun, J.; Wang, J. X.; Gao, Y. X.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F., Elimination efficiency of different reagents for the memory effect of mercury in using ICP-MS. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 2006, 21 (1), 94-96.

    8.   Feng, L. X.; Xiao, H. Q.; He, X.; Li, Z. J.; Li, F. L.; Liu, N. Q.; Chai, Z. F.; Zhao, Y. L.; Zhang, Z. Y., Long-term effects of lanthanum intake on the neurobehavioral development of the rat. Neurotoxicol. Teratol. 2006, 28 (1), 119-124.

    9.   Wang, X. X.; Qian, J. C.; He, R.; Wei, L.; Liu, N.; Zhang, Z. Y.; Huang, Y. Y.; Lei, H., Delayed changes in T1©\weighted signal intensity in a rat model of 15©\minute transient focal ischemia studied by magnetic resonance imaging/spectroscopy and synchrotron radiation X©\ray fluorescence. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2006, 56 (3), 474-480.

    10. Chen, C.; Qu, L.; Zhao, J.; Liu, S.; Deng, G.; Li, B.; Zhang, P.; Chai, Z., Accumulation of mercury, selenium and their binding proteins in porcine kidney and liver from mercury-exposed areas with the investigation of their redox responses. Science of the Total Environment 2006, 366 (2-3), 627-637.

    11. Gao, X. F.; Zhao, Y. L.; Yuan, H.; Chen, Z. L.; Chai, Z. F., Theoretical study of a hybrid type dumbbell-like fullerene dimer C60=C=C70. Chemical Physics Letters 2006, 418 (1-3), 24-29.

    12. Qu, L.; Cao, W. B.; Xing, G. M.; Zhang, J.; Yuan, H.; Tang, J.; Cheng, Y.; Zhang, B.; Zhao, Y. L.; Lei, H., Study of rare earth encapsulated carbon nanomolecules for biomedical uses. J. Alloy. Compd. 2006, 408/412, 400-404.

    13. Zhang, Z. Y.; Liu, N. Q.; Li, F. L.; Zhang, J.; Zhu, H.; Qin, C.; Zou, Z. Y.; Tang, X. W., Characterization of Fe, Cu and Zn in organs of PDAPP transgenic mice by XRF spectrometry. X-Ray Spectrometry 2006, 35 (4), 253-256.

    14. Liu, N.; Zuo, A.; Liang, D.; Zhang, Z.; Guo, G.; Chai, Z., Effect of iodine supplement on iodine status and 5¡ä-deiodinase activity in the brain of neonatal rats with iodine deficiency. Biological trace element research 2006, 114 (1), 207-215.

    15. Ye, C.; Chen, C. Y.; Chen, Z.; Meng, H.; Xing, L.; Jiang, Y. X.; Yuan, H.; Xing, G. M.; Zhao, F.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F.; Fang, X. H.; Han, D.; Chen, L.; Wang, C.; Wei, T. T., In situ observation of C60(C(COOH)2)2 interacting with living cells using fluorescence microscopy. Chinese Science Bulletin 2006, 51 (9), 1060-1064.

    16. Xing, L.; Chen, C. Y.; Li, B.; Yu, H., Distribution and location of selenium and other elements in different mitochondrial compartments of human liver by neutron activation analysis. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 2006, 269 (3), 527-534.

    17. Song, Y.; Xu, D.; Chai, Z.; Ouyang, H.; Feng, W.; Mao, X., INAA study for characterization of PM 10 and PM 2.5 in Beijing and influence of dust storm. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 2006, 270 (1), 29-33.

    18. Zhang, Z.; Chen, C.; Feng, W.; Chai, Z., Isotopic Tracer Studies on the Metabolism and Functional Roles of Mineral Elements in Institute of High Energy Physics, China. Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 2006, 43 (4), 450-454.

    19. Yu, H. W.; Chen, C. Y.; Gao, Y. X.; Chai, Z. F., Trends in chemical speciation of selenium in living organisms by hyphenated techniques. Spectrosc. Spectr. Anal. 2006, 26 (12), 2354-2359.

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