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    The Laboratory for Biomedical Effects of Nanomaterials and Nanosafety was formally established at IHEP in 2003, supported by the CAS Knowledge Innovation Program to engage in research of the biological effects of nanomaterials as well as safety concerns surrounding long-term nanotechnology development and applications. It is a subsidiary non-profit organization of CAS, a first of its kind research and technology innovation platform in China, and also is one of the most influential and representative laboratories in international field of nanosafety studies. The lab builds up a platform that combines chemical, physics, biomedical science and nano-science crossing; creates a new integration of traditional disciplines of chemistry, nanoscience, biological, medical and toxicological sciences; cultivates and pools innovative talents, and constructs a high level of experimental techniques and international academic exchange platform.

    The major topics regarding biomedical effects of nanomaterials and nanosafety isuues we are focusing on as below:

    1. Characterization of Nanoparticles; Methodology, Metrology
    -Characterization of physicochemical properties, structure, surface properties of nanoparticles
    -Methodology for nanosafety/nanotoxicology study, and methodology for nano risk assessment
    2. Nanotoxicology:Hazards to Humans& the Environment
    -The biological effects/safety issues, such as recognization, identification from exposure to manufactured nanomaterials & nanostructures
    -Behaviors of nanoparticles in air, water, other parts of the environment(including foods,and nanodrugs) their health impacts
    -Accumulating experimental data on nanotoxicology and Nano-ecology database
    3. Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicines
    -Nanobiotechnology based on interactions of manufactured nano vectors with biological systems
    -Nanomedicines for cancer nanotechnology, and for earlier diagnoses of human diseases
    4. Nanosurface Chemistry
    -Modification of nanoparticles by surface chemistry, for the purpose of
    (i) Reducing nanotoxicity, (ii) Enhancing biomedical functions of nanomaterials
    5. Recommendation of Regulatory Frameworks to Government
    -Draft out Regulatory Frameworks for research & industrial activities on NT
    6. Safety Assessment for Nano-industries(Enterprise)
    -Develop Assessment method, procedure, identify toxicity class of nanomaterials

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