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    2014 Papers

    1.      Sun, J. S.; Xianyu, Y. L.; Jiang, X. Y., Point-of-care biochemical assays using gold nanoparticle-implemented microfluidics. Chemical Society Reviews 2014, 43 (17), 6239-6253.

    2.      Xue, X. D.; Zhao, Y. Y.; Dai, L. R.; Zhang, X.; Hao, X. H.; Zhang, C. Q.; Huo, S. D.; Liu, J.; Liu, C.; Kumar, A.; Chen, W. Q.; Zou, G. Z.; Liang, X. J., Spatiotemporal Drug Release Visualized through a Drug Delivery System with Tunable Aggregation-Induced Emission. Advanced Materials 2014, 26 (5), 712-717.

    3.      Zhong, Y. T.; Tian, G.; Gu, Z. J.; Yang, Y. J.; Gu, L.; Zhao, Y. L.; Ma, Y.; Yao, J. N., Elimination of Photon Quenching by a Transition Layer to Fabricate a Quenching-Shield Sandwich Structure for 800 nm Excited Upconversion Luminescence of Nd3+ Sensitized Nanoparticles. Advanced Materials 2014, 26 (18), 2831-2837.

    4.      Xue, X.; Wang, L. R.; Sato, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Berg, M.; Yang, D. S.; Nixon, R. A.; Liang, X. J., Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Alleviate Autophagic/Lysosomal Defects in Primary Glia from a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. Nano Letters 2014, 14 (9), 5110-5117.

    5.      Tian, Y.; Wang, H. M.; Liu, Y.; Mao, L. N.; Chen, W. W.; Zhu, Z. N.; Liu, W. W.; Zheng, W. F.; Zhao, Y. Y.; Kong, D. L.; Yang, Z. M.; Zhang, W.; Shao, Y. M.; Jiang, X. Y., A Peptide-Based Nanofibrous Hydrogel as a Promising DNA Nanovector for Optimizing the Efficacy of HIV Vaccine. Nano Letters 2014, 14 (3), 1439-1445.

    6.      Xianyu, Y. L.; Wang, Z.; Jiang, X. Y., A Plasmonic Nanosensor for Immunoassay via Enzyme-Triggered Click Chemistry. ACS Nano 2014, 8 (12), 12741-12747.

    7.      Zhang, C. Q.; Xue, X. D.; Luo, Q.; Li, Y. W.; Yang, K. N.; Zhuang, X. X.; Jiang, Y. G.; Zhang, J. C.; Liu, J. Q.; Zou, G. Z.; Liang, X. J., Self-Assembled Peptide Nanofibers Designed as Biological Enzymes for Catalyzing Ester Hydrolysis. ACS Nano 2014, 8 (11), 11715-11723.

    8.      Li, Y. Y.; Wen, T.; Zhao, R. F.; Liu, X. X.; Ji, T. J.; Wang, H.; Shi, X. W.; Shi, J.; Wei, J. Y.; Zhao, Y. L.; Wu, X. C.; Nie, G. J., Localized Electric Field of Plasmonic Nanoplatform Enhanced Photodynamic Tumor Therapy. ACS Nano 2014, 8 (11), 11529-11542.

    9.      Gao, H.; Liu, R.; Gao, F. P.; Wang, Y. L.; Jiang, X. L.; Gao, X. Y., Plasmon-Mediated Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species from Near-Infrared Light Excited Gold Nanocages for Photodynamic Therapy in Vitro. ACS Nano 2014, 8 (7), 7260-7271.

    10.    Huo, S. D.; Jin, S. B.; Ma, X. W.; Xue, X. D.; Yang, K. N.; Kumar, A.; Wang, P. C.; Zhang, J. C.; Hu, Z. B.; Liang, X. J., Ultrasmall Gold Nanoparticles as Carriers for Nucleus-Based Gene Therapy Due to Size-Dependent Nuclear Entry. ACS Nano 2014, 8 (6), 5852-5862.

    11.    Kumar, A.; Huo, S. D.; Zhang, X.; Liu, J.; Tan, A.; Li, S. L.; Jin, S. B.; Xue, X. D.; Zhao, Y. Y.; Ji, T. J.; Han, L.; Liu, H.; Zhang, X. N.; Zhang, J. C.; Zou, G. Z.; Wang, T. Y.; Tang, S. Q.; Liang, X. J., Neuropilin-1-Targeted Gold Nanoparticles Enhance Therapeutic Efficacy of Platinum(IV) Drug for Prostate Cancer Treatment. ACS Nano 2014, 8 (5), 4205-4220.

    12.    Chen, R.; Huo, L. L.; Shi, X. F.; Bai, R.; Zhang, Z. J.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chang, Y. Z.; Chen, C. Y., Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Induced by Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Is an Earlier Biomarker for Nanotoxicological Evaluation. ACS Nano 2014, 8 (3), 2562-2574.

    13.    Yin, W. Y.; Yan, L.; Yu, J.; Tian, G.; Zhou, L. J.; Zheng, X. P.; Zhang, X.; Yong, Y.; Li, J.; Gu, Z. J.; Zhao, Y. L., High-Throughput Synthesis of Single-Layer MoS2 Nanosheets as a Near-Infrared Photothermal-Triggered Drug Delivery for Effective Cancer Therapy. ACS Nano 2014, 8 (7), 6922-6933.

    14.    Zhang, Z. J.; Wang, J.; Nie, X.; Wen, T.; Ji, Y. L.; Wu, X. C.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chen, C. Y., Near Infrared Laser-Induced Targeted Cancer Therapy Using Thermoresponsive Polymer Encapsulated Gold Nanorods. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014, 136, 7317-7326.

    15.    Chen, W. W.; Li, Q. Z.; Zheng, W. S.; Hu, F.; Zhang, G. X.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, D. Q.; Jiang, X. Y., Identification of Bacteria in Water by a Fluorescent Array. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2014, 53 (50), 13734-13739.

    16.    Zhao, Y. Y.; Ye, C. J.; Liu, W. W.; Chen, R.; Jiang, X. Y., Tuning the Composition of AuPt Bimetallic Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Application. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2014, 53 (31), 8127-8131.

    17.    Zhou, T.; Yu, M. F.; Zhang, B.; Wang, L. M.; Wu, X. C.; Zhou, H. J.; Du, Y. P.; Hao, J. F.; Tu, Y. P.; Chen, C. Y.; Wei, T. T., Inhibition of Cancer Cell Migration by Gold Nanorods: Molecular Mechanisms and Implications for Cancer Therapy. Advanced Functional Materials 2014, 24 (44), 6922-6932.

    18.    Wang, L. M.; Lin, X. Y.; Wang, J.; Hu, Z. J.; Ji, Y. L.; Hou, S.; Zhao, Y. L.; Wu, X. C.; Chen, C. Y., Novel Insights into Combating Cancer Chemotherapy Resistance Using a Plasmonic Nanocarrier: Enhancing Drug Sensitiveness and Accumulation Simultaneously with Localized Mild Photothermal Stimulus of Femtosecond Pulsed Laser. Advanced Functional Materials 2014, 24 (27), 4229-4239.

    19.    Wang, J.; Hu, Z. B.; Xu, J. X.; Zhao, Y. L., Therapeutic applications of low-toxicity spherical nanocarbon materials. NPG Asia Materials 2014, 6 (2), e84.

    20.    Liu, G.; Guo, S. S.; Anderson, G. J.; Camaschella, C.; Han, B.; Nie, G. J., Heterozygous missense mutations in the GLRX5 gene cause sideroblastic anemia in a Chinese patient. Blood 2014, 124 (17), 2750-2751.

    21.    Liu, J.; Huang, Y. R.; Kumar, A.; Tan, A.; Jin, S. B.; Mozhi, A.; Liang, X. J., pH-Sensitive nano-systems for drug delivery in cancer therapy. Biotechnology Advances 2014, 32 (4), 693-710.

    22.    Li, J. X.; Chang, X. L.; Chen, X. X.; Gu, Z. J.; Zhao, F.; Chai, Z. F.; Zhao, Y. L., Toxicity of inorganic nanomaterials in biomedical imaging. Biotechnology Advances 2014, 32 (4), 727-743.

    23.    Liang, X. J., Nanotechnology and cancer nanomedicine. Biotechnology Advances 2014, 32 (4), 665-665.

    24.    Lu, W.; Gao, J.; Yang, J. K.; Liu, L.; Zhao, Y. L.; Wu, H. C., Regioselective alkyl transfer from phosphonium ylides to functionalized polyfluoroarenes. Chemical Science 2014, 5 (5), 1934-1939.

    25.    Wang, Z. Z.; Chang, X. L.; Lu, Z. H.; Gu, M.; Zhao, Y. L.; Gao, X. F., A precision structural model for fullerenols. Chemical Science 2014, 5 (8), 2940-2948.

    26.    Gao, F. P.; Yuan, Q.; Gao, L.; Cai, P. J.; Zhu, H. R.; Liu, R.; Wang, Y. L.; Wei, Y. T.; Huang, G. D.; Liang, J.; Gao, X. Y., Cytotoxicity and therapeutic effect of irinotecan combined with selenium nanoparticles. Biomaterials 2014, 35 (31), 8854-8866.

    27.    Xu, Y. Y.; Wang, J.; Li, X. F.; Liu, Y.; Dai, L. R.; Wu, X. C.; Chen, C. Y., Selective inhibition of breast cancer stem cells by gold nanorods mediated plasmonic hyperthermia. Biomaterials 2014, 35 (16), 4667-4677.

    28.    Deng, X. W.; Cao, M. J.; Zhang, J.; Hu, K. L.; Yin, Z. X.; Zhou, Z. X.; Xiao, X. Q.; Yang, Y. S.; Sheng, W.; Wu, Y.; Zeng, Y., Hyaluronic acid-chitosan nanoparticles for co-delivery of M1R-34a and doxorubicin in therapy against triple negative breast cancer. Biomaterials 2014, 35 (14), 4333-4344.

    29.    Han, L.; Zhao, J.; Liu, J.; Duan, X. L.; Li, L. H.; Wei, X. F.; Wei, Y.; Liang, X. J., A universal gene carrier platform for treatment of human prostatic carcinoma by p53 transfection. Biomaterials 2014, 35 (9), 3110-3120.

    30.    Zhou, H. J.; Zhang, B.; Zheng, J. J.; Yu, M. F.; Zhou, T.; Zhao, K.; Jia, Y. X.; Gao, X. F.; Chen, C. Y.; Wei, T. T., The inhibition of migration and invasion of cancer cells by graphene via the impairment of mitochondrial respiration. Biomaterials 2014, 35 (5), 1597-1607.

    31.    Xu, S.; Liu, J.; Li, D.; Wang, L. M.; Guo, J.; Wang, C. C.; Chen, C. Y., Fe–salphen complexes from intracellular pH-triggered degradation of Fe3O4@Salphen-InIII CPPs for selectively killing cancer cells. Biomaterials 2014, 35 (5), 1676-1685.

    32.    Tian, Y. H.; Li, S. P.; Song, J.; Ji, T. J.; Zhu, M. T.; Anderson, G. J.; Wei, J. Y.; Nie, G. J., A doxorubicin delivery platform using engineered natural membrane vesicle exosomes for targeted tumor therapy. Biomaterials 2014, 35 (7), 2383-2390.

    33.    Zhou, L. J.; Zheng, X. P.; Gu, Z. J.; Yin, W. Y.; Zhang, X.; Ruan, L. F.; Yang, Y. B.; Hu, Z. B.; Zhao, Y. L., Mesoporous NaYbF4@NaGdF4 core-shell up-conversion nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery and multimodal imaging. Biomaterials 2014, 35 (26), 7666-7678.

    34.    Liu, Y.; Li, L. L.; Qi, G. B.; Chen, X. G.; Wang, H., Dynamic disordering of liposomal cocktails and the spatio-temporal favorable release of cargoes to circumvent drug resistance. Biomaterials 2014, 35, 3406-3415.

    35.    Gao, F. P.; Lin, Y. X.; Li, L. L.; Liu, Y.; Mayerhöffer, U.; Spenst, P.; Su, J. G.; Li, J. Y.; Würthner, F.; Wang, H., Supramolecular adducts of squaraine and protein for noninvasive tumor imaging and photothermal therapy in vivo. Biomaterials 2014, 35 (3), 1004-1014.

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    41.    Wang, L. R.; Xue, X.; Hu, X. M.; Wei, M. Y.; Zhang, C. Q.; Ge, G. L.; Liang, X. J., Structure-Dependent Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Hypoxia Induced with Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Small 2014, 10 (14), 2859-2869.

    42.    Huang, Z.; Sun, Y.; Liu, W. W.; Zhang, W.; Zheng, W. F.; Jiang, X. Y., Assembly of Functional Three-Dimensional Neuronal Networks on a Microchip. Small 2014, 10 (13), 2530-2536.

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    44.    Chen, Z. Y.; Liu, Y.; Sun, B. Y.; Li, H.; Dong, J. Q.; Zhang, L. J.; Wang, L. M.; Wang, P.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chen, C. Y., Polyhydroxylated Metallofullerenols Stimulate IL-1β Secretion of Macrophage through TLRs/MyD88/NF-κB Pathway and NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation. Small 2014, 10 (12), 2362-2372.

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    47.    Liu, Y.; Gao, F. P.; Zhang, D.; Fan, Y. S.; Chen, X. G.; Wang, H., Molecular structural transformation regulated dynamic disordering of supramolecular vesicles as pH-responsive drug release systems. Journal of Controlled Release 2014, 173, 140-147.

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