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    2015 Papers

    1.      Wang, L.; Sun, Q.; Wang, X.; Wen, T.; Yin, J.-J.; Wang, P.; Bai, R.; Zhang, X.-Q.; Zhang, L.-H.; Lu, A.-H.; Chen, C. Using Hollow Carbon Nanospheres as a Light-Induced Free Radical Generator To Overcome Chemotherapy Resistance. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2015, 137, 1947-1955.

    2.   Liu, Y.; Chen, C. Y.; Qian, P. X.; Lu, X. F.; Sun, B. Y.; Zhang, X.; Wang, L. M.; Gao, X. F.; Li, H.; Chen, Z. Y.; Tang, J. L.; Zhang, W. J.; Dong, J. Q.; Bai, R.; Lobie, P. E.; Wu, Q. F.; Liu, S. L.; Zhang, H. F.; Zhao, F.; Wicha, M. S.; Zhu, T.; Zhao, Y. L., Gd-metallofullerenol nanomaterial as non-toxic breast cancer stem cell-specific inhibitor. Nature Communications 2015, 6, 5988-5988.

    3.   Shi, E. Z.; Li, H. B.; Yang, L.; Hou, J. F.; Li, Y. C.; Li, L.; Cao, A. Y.; Fang, Y., Carbon Nanotube Network Embroidered Graphene Films for Monolithic All-Carbon Electronics. Advanced Materials 2015, 27 (4), 682-688.

    4.   Zhang, J. M.; Li, C.; Zhang, X.; Huo, S. D.; Jin, S. B.; An, F. F.; Wang, X. D.; Xue, X. D.; Okeke, C. I.; Duan, G. Y.; Guo, F. G.; Zhang, X. H.; Hao, J. F.; Wang, P. C.; Zhang, J. C.; Liang, X. J., In vivo tumor-targeted dual-modal fluorescence/CT imaging using a nanoprobe co-loaded with an aggregation-induced emission dye and gold nanoparticles. Biomaterials 2015, 42, 103-111.

    5.   Cong, W. S.; Wang, P.; Qu, Y.; Tang, J. L.; Bai, R.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chen, C. Y.; Bi, X. L., Evaluation of the influence of fullerenol on aging and stress resistance using Caenorhabditis elegans. Biomaterials 2015, 42, 78-86.

    6.   Tian, G.; Zheng, X. P.; Zhang, X.; Yin, W. Y.; Yu, J.; Wang, D. L.; Zhang, Z. P.; Yang, X. L.; Gu, Z. J.; Zhao, Y. L., TPGS-stabilized NaYbF4:Er upconversion nanoparticles for dual-modal fluorescent/CT imaging and anticancer drug delivery to overcome multi-drug resistance. Biomaterials 2015, 40, 107-116.

    7.   Wang, P.; Wang, Y.; Nie, X.; Braini, C.; Bai, R.; Chen, C. Y., Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Directly Promote Fibroblast-Myofibroblast and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transitions through the Activation of the TGF-beta/Smad Signaling Pathway. Small 2015, 11 (4), 446-455.

    8.   Chen, W. W.; Cao, F. J.; Zheng, W. S.; Tian, Y.; Xianyu, Y. L.; Xu, P.; Zhang, W.; Wang, Z.; Deng, K.; Jiang, X. Y., Detection of the nanomolar level of total Cr (III) and (VI) by functionalized gold nanoparticles and a smartphone with the assistance of theoretical calculation models. Nanoscale 2015, 7 (5), 2042-2049.

    9.   Wang, Y. L.; Xu, C.; Zhai, J.; Gao, F. P.; Liu, R.; Gao, L.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F.; Gao, X. Y., Label-Free Au Cluster Used for in Vivo 2D and 3D Computed Tomography of Murine Kidneys. Analytical Chemistry 2015, 87 (1), 343-345.

    10. He, S.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, P.; Xu, X. Z.; Zhu, K.; Pan, W. Y.; Liu, W. W.; Cai, K. Y.; Sun, J. S.; Zhang, W.; Jiang, X. Y., Multiplexed microfluidic blotting of proteins and nucleic acids by parallel, serpentine microchannels. Lab on a Chip 2015, 15 (1), 105-112.

    11. Zhao, R. S.; Zhao, X.; Gao, X. F., Molecular-Level Insights into Intrinsic Peroxidase-Like Activity of Nanocarbon Oxides. Chemistry-a European Journal 2015, 21 (3), 960-964.

    12. Song, Y. H.; Zhang, T. B.; Song, X. Y.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, C. Q.; Xing, J. F.; Liang, X. J., Polycations with excellent gene transfection ability based on PVP-g-PDMAEMA with random coil and micelle structures as non-viral gene vectors. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2015, 3 (5), 911-918.

    13. Wang, H. L.; Wang, B.; Wang, M.; Zheng, L. N.; Chen, H. Q.; Chai, Z. F.; Zhao, Y. L.; Feng, W. Y., Time-resolved ICP-MS analysis of mineral element contents and distribution patterns in single cells. Analyst 2015, 140 (2), 523-531.

    14. He, X.; Pan, Y. Y.; Zhang, J. Z.; Li, Y. Y.; Ma, Y. H.; Zhang, P.; Ding, Y. Y.; Zhang, J.; Wu, Z. Q.; Zhao, Y. L.; Chai, Z. F.; Zhang, Z. Y., Quantifying the total ionic release from nanoparticles after particle-cell contact. Environmental Pollution 2015, 196, 194-200.

    15. Wang, J.; Xie, Y. D.; Wang, L. M.; Tang, J. L.; Li, J. Y.; Kocaefe, D.; Kocaefe, Y.; Zhang, Z. W.; Li, Y. P.; Chen, C. Y., In vivo pharmacokinetic features and biodistribution of star and rod shaped gold nanoparticles by multispectral optoacoustic tomography. Rsc Advances 2015, 5 (10), 7529-7538.

    16. Gui, X.; He, X.; Ma, Y. H.; Zhang, P.; Li, Y. Y.; Ding, Y. Y.; Yang, K.; Li, H. F.; Rui, Y. K.; Chai, Z. F.; Zhao, Y. L.; Zhang, Z. Y., Quantifying the distribution of ceria nanoparticles in cucumber roots: the influence of labeling. Rsc Advances 2015, 5 (6), 4554-4560.

    17. Xuan, M. J.; Lin, X. K.; Shao, J. X.; Dai, L. R.; He, Q., Motion-Based, High-Yielding, and Fast Separation of Different Charged Organics in Water. Chemphyschem 2015, 16 (1), 147-151.

    18. Zhao, F.; Meng, H.; Yan, L.; Wang, B.; Zhao, Y. L., Nanosurface chemistry and dose govern the bioaccumulation and toxicity of carbon nanotubes, metal nanomaterials and quantum dots in vivo. Science Bulletin 2015, 60 (1), 3-20.

    19. Hu, L. H.; Cui, R. L.; Huang, H.; Lin, G. M.; Guo, X. H.; Yang, S. Y.; Lian, Y. F.; Dong, J. Q.; Sun, B. Y., Isomers of IC(70)BA and Their Photovoltaic Performance in Polymer Solar Cells. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2015, 15 (7), 5285-5290.

    20. Yang, P. P.; Wang, L.; Wang, H., Smart Supramolecular Nanosystems for Bioimaging and Drug Delivery. Chinese Journal of Chemistry 2015, 33 (1), 59-70.

    21. Zhang, J. C.; Qiao, Z. Y.; Yang, P. P.; Pan, J.; Wang, L.; Wang, H., Recent Advances in Near-Infrared Absorption Nanomaterials as Photoacoustic Contrast Agents for Biomedical Imaging. Chinese Journal of Chemistry 2015, 33 (1), 35-52.


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